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Get started with Lystr's quick start guide

Review our short quick start guide and you'll be off to using your Lystr device in no time.

Setting up your Lystr device and connecting it to WiFi

You need a home WiFi network and an iOS app to set up your Lystr device. When you install the app you will have the opportunity to add a Lystr device. If you have previously installed the app and created an account, visit the settings menu within the app to add a Lystr device.

Plug your Lystr device in an electrical outlet in your kitchen (or wherever else you'd like a Lystr!). Lystr will work regardless of the orientation of the electrical outlet.  Follow the on-screen instructions to configure your Lystr device to your home WiFi and connect it to your account. Before trying to configure your device, make sure its light at the top is flashing. When specifying a WiFi network, be sure to select a 2.4 GHz band. Within that band, Lystr can connect to 802.11b, g and n networks.

How to use your Lystr device 

To scan an item, hold the barcode of the product in front of the window on Lystr's face. A sensor knows when you are trying to scan an item and turns the scanner on. Once an item is recorded, your Lystr device will beep and light up to let you know it got the item. 

To use the voice command, you should be within ten feet of the device. Say "Hey Lystr, add bananas." When Lystr hears it's name, it wakes up and will light up to let you know it's listening. Once you say what you'd like added to your list, the voice is transcribed to text and added to your list. 

How to use your Lystr app

You can add items to your lists through your app, create new lists, mark items as favorites, share your lists with family members, and more with your Lystr app. Review our app user guide (coming soon!) for more information on how to use your Lystr app.

Understanding Lystr's lights and beeps

A green light and high-pitched ("happy") beep means that Lystr got your item and added it to your list. A red light and low-pitched ("sad") beep means that Lystr didn't quite get it. If it was spoken, try the voice command again. If it was something you scanned, try once more or speak the item. A yellow light comes on when Lystr wakes up to let you know it's listening to find out what you'd like added to your list. 

More Questions?

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