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Product Features 

Your Lystr device and mobile app have some pretty cool features, if we may say so ourselves




Your Lystr device connects to the cloud using your home WiFi network.

Barcode scanning

Lystr scans barcodes you swipe past its face - adding needed items to your Lystr smartphone grocery list.



Voice input

Lystr listens for your voice, for example, "Hey Lystr, add bananas," to add items to your grocery list.

Mobile App

All items are added to your Lystr smartphone mobile app, so you always have your list with you.


Invite a household member to share your Lystr list so anyone in the family can do the shopping. 


Questions & Answers 

Review our frequently asked questions for answers to our most common inquiries

Can I have multiple Lystr devices?

Absolutely, put one in your kitchen, bathroom, and wherever else you need Lystr.  While our primary focus is grocery, Lystr recognizes most household consumables - from health and beauty products to cleaning supplies to baby and pet supplies.  All your devices will sync to your Lystr account, so you always have your complete list with you on-the-go.

How can I access my Lystr list? Is there an Android smartphone app?

For now, you need an Apple iOS device to access your Lystr list. We will be releasing an Android app in the coming months; if you'd like to know when, shoot us a note using the form below and mention Android app in the subject or message. We are also considering a web application to enable users to access their list via the web. Please use the form below to let us know if you are interested in a web-based app.

Can I add items to my Lystr app using Amazon Echo or Google Home?

At this time, no, but we are working hard to integrate with as many connected home platforms as possible. Be sure you are on our email list (you can submit through the below form) and we will keep you updated! 

What are the technical requirements for using a Lystr device? 

You need a home WiFi network and an iOS device, and you will need to download the Lystr iOS app from the app store. You also need an electrical outlet in your kitchen. 

Why do I need a device? Why not just use my smartphone?

We wanted to make adding things to your Lystr list as seamless as possible. You can add items to your Lystr smartphone list through the Lystr mobile app and using the device. We know it's not always convenient to stop what you are doing, find your phone, and input the item that way. So we set out to provide a solution that would be so quick - faster than pen & paper! - so that no matter how busy you are and no matter how hectic your household is, you never forget anything at the store again.

Is Lystr battery-powered? 

Lystr plugs into any outlet in your kitchen. It's always there when you need it, and you don't need to worry about charging a battery. Be sure to add your email to our list to stay up-to-date with new versions of Lystr.  

How does the voice input work? 

We license technology from a third party for Lystr to always listen for it's name. When it hears "Hey Lystr," Lystr listens to what you say for a few seconds and transcribes that to text in order to add the requested item to your grocery list. We use industry-leading voice to text technology to transcribe what you say into text.

Can I share my list with a family member?

Absolutely.  Lystr was designed with the busy family in mind, so multiple household members can share the same list. Your list lives in the cloud, and syncs with your Lystr iOS app account. When you invite a household member to your account, that member can access the same list as you do. You can also share your list with anyone via email. This option sends an email to your recipient with the items that are on your shopping list.

Can I use Lystr outside of the U.S.?

Yes, you can set up Lystr anywhere you have an internet connection and WiFi. However, our current support for barcodes is focused on products in the US; product coverage is less robust outside of the US.  For now, we only support English. Please let us know what other languages you'd like for us to support using the form below!

Is there a monthly service fee associated with using my Lystr device or app?

Nope! The app is free to use and we don't charge any service fees for using the device. 

What types of barcodes can Lystr read?

Lystr reads one-dimensional barcodes common on products that you would find in the grocery store or pharmacy. While we focus on grocery, we aim to cover most home consumables including health and beauty, household, cleaning, etc. The symbolizes our reader can transcribe include but are not limited to UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-13, and EAN-8.

What else can I do with my Lystr list?

Right now, we are focused on making the list making process so much easier than it is today. However, we know there's a lot more we can do to help you with your grocery shopping - like getting your groceries delivered and saving you money. Check back regularly for updates on how else we are helping our customers. Do you have a great idea for what you want to do with your Lystr list? Shoot us a note below!

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